Reason in Madness?

So this week we had some pretty exciting news at  Run of the Mill that had us and our friends at Pathways Day  Programme falling off our IKEA swivel chairs.

Having collaborated over the past year on a learning project we affectionately termed ‘No Fear of Shakespeare’ we had spent a number of months exploring the story of  that ‘cranky old man’ known as King Lear.

Everyone had A LOT of thoughts. And questions..

How does the kingdom treat Lear once he becomes old and vulnerable? Has he brought it on himself? Or is it an uncomfortably true reflection of how society treats its vulnerable citizens? Is Lear ‘MAD’, or does he have Alzheimer’s? What is it going to feel like to grow old?

And most importantly, who does Evil Edmund fancy the most?

We decided such questions warranted some serious artistic exploration. So we put on very serious faces, put in a very serious amount of planning and sent in a very serious artistic application.

And we were taken very seriously. 

The excitement is palpable at Run of the Mill and Pathways Day Service as we get our heads around the news. We will be developing and presenting a fully realised, artistically ambitious reworking of King Lear with our friends in the Draiocht (Blanchardstown) to be performed in the Winter of 2016. We will be collaborating with professional theatre makers, honing our skills, working and re-working, learning the hard way, using our voices, and challenging ourselves to produce a truly remarkable piece of work.

We’ll be finding out if there’s Reason in Madness.

We hope you will join us on this journey with thanks to the Arts Council of Ireland. Regular updates will follow and for now, we hope you enjoy the video we put together at the start of our explorations.


Aisling & Team x



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