DOWNTOWN! An adventure in film.

Ciaran Filming

More good news at Run of the Mill as we recently secured a grant from the Kildare County Council arts service to create a short silent movie in collaboration with our drama group at Horizons Day Service (St. John  of Gods Liffey Region).

The group have spent many months devising the piece, inspired by the commedia characters of the Silent Movie era, and also the work of the fantastic artists at the Ridgepool Training Centre & Scannan Technologies in Co. Mayo who led by visual artist Aideen Barry created an incredible piece Silent Moves that we had the opportunity to see and be inspired by in the IFI last Winter.

We decided to create our own short film and populate it with our own unique characters. Filming has begun with the support of video artist Alan Thompson and we are thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to don costumes in our local community (we’ve even had a few cameos already! And not just the Liffey ducks…) Next week we will be enlisting the help of The Village Inn in Celbridge and The Academy Barber to get some much needed shots (camera shots we mean 🙂 We can’t wait for you all to see the finished product.

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