The Story of Sean : Multisensory storytelling at Avoca Drama Group


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We settled into summer at Run of the Mill Theatre with a little bit of storytelling about the 1916 Rising in this centenary year. Our Avoca drama group meets every Tuesday afternoon at Avoca Day Programme (St John of Gods Community Services Liffey Region) and we focus on supporting our participants towards immersive, experiential, multi sensory engagement with dramatic pretexts and stories.

What does that mean I hear you ask! Well it means we explore stories in really fun ways with lots of rhyme, music, water sprayers, smells, sounds, bubbles, fabrics, props and much more…

This year we took on our most exciting story, ‘The Story of Sean’ based upon Joe Duffy’s retelling of the story of young Sean Healy, a 14 year old soldier with Fianna Eireann who lost his life in the Easter Rising. Through this story we learned about tenement life, we helped Sean’s Mammy look after the house, we attended secret meetings, we emptied noisy slop buckets, we learned old Dublin skipping rhymes, we danced to Irish music, we build barricades, and even held guns

In July we decided to invite some of our family and friends to share this story with us and we had a wonderful afternoon followed cake and of course most importantly tea!

Pictured above are Seamus Granger, Christopher Johnson, Patrick O’ Malley, David McDonnell and Eddie Gill who participated in the performance.

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