A Little Message

Peter Cahill enjoys the Masterclass Project in 2019 Image by Vincent Lillis

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all keeping very safe and well in these strange times we find ourselves in. Most of all I hope you are staying at home and following all of the important guidelines around Covid_19. Wash those hands! The more we do to keep peoples safe, the sooner we will be back together doing what we do best. At Run of the Mill we are very much missing our classes, our rehearsals and most of all we are missing each other. So I wanted to offer a few little updates from the Run of the Mill HQ!

Using your Creativity

Being at home can offer a great opportunity to get creative- Shakespeare reportedly wrote King Lear when self-isolating from The Plague! But it can also be a very worrying and anxious time for people, so if you aren’t feeling very creative right now, that’s ok too. I have been using the time as best I can to do some writing and drafting of ideas for some of our next Run of the Mill projects, in particular working (from afar 🙂 with ARCADE Film to develop a screenplay for Singing for Survival. This Friday, we will trial our first ‘online workshop’ with our tech savvy Run of the Mill Youth Theatre via Zoom. If it goes well we hope to try it out with our other groups very soon so watch this space. We also hope to update our social media pages with ideas for how you can stay creative at home. You might like to practice your vocal and physical warm ups every day, or use your imagination to create characters and think of stories or ideas that are inspired by what is happening right now. We are living through history!

Enjoying Creativity

It might be that you can find some comfort in enjoying creative arts; watching tv shows, reading books and enjoying films. From Run of the Mill, we have made available online two of our short community films ‘The Gardeners’ (2018) and ‘Downtown’ (2016) that are free to enjoy on YouTube. We have also released a PDF version of our creative writing project ‘Fake News‘ that is available on our blog to download and enjoy. There are lots of examples of theatres making their work available online. On YouTube you can enjoy a new Andrew Lloyd Webber musical every Friday (on the channel The Shows must go On), and a number of big theatres in the UK and Ireland have made some of their shows available. We will share these on our social media pages so keep an eye out. It’s really important to share your opinions on the creativity that you enjoy. Perhaps you would like to write a review of something you see- be sure to send it in to us at runofthemilltheatre@gmail.com if you would like us to share it!

Ongoing Projects

Some of our gang might be a little worried about the impact of the Coronavirus on many of our ongoing projects and activities so I wanted to offer an update. Whilst we don’t know how long the restrictions will go on for, I can promise that when everything gets back to normal we will get straight back into all of the wonderful work we were making. The only thing that might happen is that our plans may have to be pushed back a little to a later date. Our Weds group were working on performing a new piece Invisible Barriers for the Kildare County Council in April and we will work with the KCC to find a new date for this when it is safe to do so. As yet, our plans to tour Making a Mark across Ireland in 2020 continue for now, however the cancellation of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival means we won’t be taking it over there this year as we had hoped. There is always next year 🙂 The Masterclass Project 2020 is scheduled for July, and if any postponement has to be made we will let you know in plenty of time. Our Pathways group will continue to practice their lines for our planned remount of Singing for Survival. In the meantime, we will look forward to trying out our first ‘online session’ on Friday and are hoping it might pave the way to have some more Run of the Mill virtual “meet ups” in the coming weeks.

For now, stay safe and well. I miss you all very much and this difficult time has only reminded me how very lucky I am to get to work with each and every one of our wonderful theatre artists.

Stay safe and well,


Artistic Director, Run of the Mill Theatre

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