Culture Night 2020 & Plans in the Pipeline

Mark Smith, Culture Night Trailblazer at the Launch of Culture Night 2020, image by Julian Behal

It’s been the strangest of summers, but at Run of the Mill Theatre we are plotting and planning how to safely return to doing what we do best. We took a break from our online workshops in July culminating in the creation of two music video performances ‘Run of the Mill will Rock you” from our Pathways ensemble and ‘I want to Break Free: From the Zoom Room’ from our Youth Theatre, both of which you can enjoy across on our facebook page.

In some exciting news, our very own Mark Smith was selected as a Culture Night trailblazer for 2020 and has been lighting up the RTE news once again as well as several publications following Culture Night’s launch. We are very proud of his continued advocacy and delighted to support him in this latest adventure. Mark will present a very special performance on Culture Night directed by Aisling Byrne in collaboration with Arcade Film to be streamed live on Sept 18th. Watch this space.

In other news we hope to return to our collaborative work across Sept, with groups resuming on ‘Zoom’ to begin with, with what we hope will be a step towards collaborating in small groups once again. We intend to run a collaborative project from Sept-Dec that will support individual participation either face to face or remotely depending on individual circumstance so that we can all stay creative and connected no matter where we are at this time. Details to follow soon.

That’s it for now! After a summer of writing, drafting, creating, thinking, chatting and dreaming big, there are lots of other plans in the pipeline so stay tuned and we will keep you posted. You can’t stop creativity 🙂

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